Ten commandments for those who have never participated in the 100km long march

  1. If you would like to go on the100km for the first time, try it in less challenging terrain and conditions.
  2. Do not go alone but chose a partner who would be as fast as you. If he is more skilled than you, it is better. The mountains are dangerous for singles at night
  3. Learn the route before you go! Take your mobile phone with you!
  4. It depends a lot on your shoes. Don't get carried away, it is often thought that it is better to walk in clodhoppers but these heavy shoes will make you tired.
  5. Do not underestimate the weather. There may be temperatures that even drop under zero up on Sněžka. (i.e. jacket, cap and gloves are not useless). But be careful about the weight of your rucksack. The weight will grow with the distance you
  6. Do not forget a flashlight/torch. It will be very useful.
  7. The long-distance march is not a race! Do not strain to the utmost, otherwise you will be missing your strength. As a beginner do not let others drive you to a faster speed. When you go next time you will know what speed you can handle
  8. Do not forget to drink during the march, but do not drink alcohol! It would make you more tired. If you run out of your own drinks, you can fill your bottle again at the control stations where you can get tea. Take some chocolate, piece of bread or some cookies. It may happen, that you will be grateful for it.
  9. Do not forget to take a plaster/ band-aid with you! A blister can be easily treated with this.
  10. Do not rest for a long time at the check points. If you stop for a longer time it is always harder to carry on.

We want to thank Mr. Pospíchal from Kutná Hora for creating these articles for beginners.